This is Radioclash banner
This is radioclash !

A "Radioclash" is a 60 minutes mix made of 4/5 parts of 12 or 15 minutes around a THEMA
chosen by YOU or someone else. Participate or propose a thema 24/24 HERE Whatever you want,
whenever you want !

This project was born on MUSIQUES INCONGRUES forum from an idea of Ogon Feraille.
It is all participative and interactive, everybody is warmly welcome,
are you pro or not, girl or not, robot or not, horny or not !

This is why you are free (and even warmly invited) to propose a thema un thème whenever in the year, night and day.
This just force you to collect the different parts from your thema colleagues and to do the final assemblage
(but you can also delegue it to someone of your crew). It is the same for the "cover"
- just respect the format and write "This is radiclash n° x" and thema.
You are also absolutely free to join any thema as long as there is room for you.
4 or 5 participants for one hour seems a good ratio. At last, if you desire, you can participate
to 2 or more Radioclash in the same time or even propose a thema while participating to another one,
but remember that once the crew constituted you have one month to give your part.
(Known as Schling test case ).
There is only one obligation : stick to the thema


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Ne HAISSEZ pas la Radioclash, SOYEZ la Radioclash !

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